scuba diving mafia island

Along the Wall

Scuba divers along Jena Wall, loaded with pink soft corals, a colorful variety of hard corals and shoals of sea goldies. Dive site is located outside of Mafia Island's Chole Bay.


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Free-Diving Descent

Nearby is no one, while I descend, into the blue void below me. The mossy mooring, my only visual reference into the darkening, silty depth. I coast deeper ...

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Baby Cuttlefish

A super cute baby cuttlefish, known as a "cuttlet", was spotted during a shore dive in Chole Bay. The hatchling is 6-8 d...

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lionfish dar es salaam

Black Volitan Lionfish

A black volitan lionfish (Pterois volitans) with venomous spines fully outstretched in efforts to deter the photographer, a potential predator. Photographed while scuba diving off...