Whale Shark

Tailing a Whale Shark

A snorkeler "tailing" an ambiguous whale shark off the coast of Mafia Island in Tanzania. The whale shark's tail is about as long as the height of a person, with the overall...

Leaf Scorpion Fish

A ghostly white leaf scorpian fish Taenianotus triacanthus, also known as a paperfish, lies motionless resembling a ...


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Freedive Freefall in Blue Hole

Free-falling in Dahab’s Blue Hole, drifting effortlessly into the deep, I stare straight ahead, mesmerizingly at the line slipping past, alone with myself and m...

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Cleaner Shrimp

A “Deep” Cleaning

A video of dive instructor, Brad Crawford, getting a "deep" cleaning by cleaner shrimp in Njao Gap of Pemba Island. B...

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