oriental sweetlips Plectorhinchus vittatus

Oriental Sweetlips – Facts and Photographs

The oriental sweetlips Plectorhinchus vittatus, also known as the Indian Ocean oriental sweetlips , is a species of grunt. Closely related to the snappers, grunts have smaller mouths and teeth and thicker f...
pickhandle barracuda (Sphyraena jello)

Pickhandle Barracuda – Facts and Photographs

The pickhandle barracuda (Sphyraena jello) , is also known as the Jello Barracuda, Banded Barracuda, Yellowtail Barracuda and Sea Pike. Barracuda are known as the tigers of the sea and are voracious predato...
Aglaophenia cupressina stinging hydroid fire weed

Stinging Sea Creatures-Fireweed

It may look like a plant, but Aglaophenia cupressina is actually a stinging hydroid. Commonly known as feather fireweed, fire hydroid, stinging seaweed or simply fireweed. Brush against it and you might not...
speckled shrimpfish, Aeoliscus punctulatus

Speckled Shrimpfish – Facts and Photographs

The speckled shrimpfish, Aeoliscus punctulatus , also known as the  razorfish is related to the seahorses and pipefishes. They have a distinctive way of swimming with their heads in a downwards position. De...
False eye toby Canthigaster solandri

False Eye Toby – Facts and Photographs

The false eye toby, Canthigaster solandri is also known as the ocellated toby, blue spotted toby, jewel pufferfish, solanders toby  and spotted sharpnose puffer. They belong to the genus Canthigaster, whose...
Shoal of Glowfish Gnathodentex aureolineatus on Mafia island tanzania

Glowfish – Facts and Photographs

The glowfish Gnathodentex aureolineatus is also known as the  goldspot seabream or striped large eye bream. Glowfish are a species of emperor and get their name from the conspicuous yellow blotch just behin...
blue striped snapper Lutjanus kasmira on Mafia Island Tanzania

Blue Lined Snapper – Facts and Photographs

The blue lined snapper Lutjanus kasmira is also known as the bluestriped sea perch and blue lined snapper, they are attractive fish which often shoal in large numbers. When seen over a reef, a shoal of thes...

Powoni – Zanzibar, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON Zanzibar has great diving and is world famous for its pristine clear waters. There are numerous dive sites on the island and one of the lesser known gems of Zanzibar is Paje. P...
Red Barred Rock Cod Epinephelus fasciatus

Red Barred Rock Cod – Facts and Photographs

The red barred rock cod Epinephelus fasciatus is also known as the black tipped rock cod, red barred grouper, red banded grouper and the football grouper. APPEARANCE The red barred rock cod has a fair...
Longfin Bannerfish Heniochus acuminatus on Kankadya reef Tanzania

Longfin Bannerfish – Facts and Photographs

The long fin bannerfish Heniochus acuminatus, is also known as the coachman or pennant bannerfish and is sometimes called the poor man's moorish idol by aquarists as they are more affordable. They are close...
A humpnose bigeye bream, Monotaxis Grandoculis in Mafia Island Marine Park

Humpnose Big Eye Bream- Facts and Photographs

The humpnose big eye bream, Monotaxis grandoculis, also known as a big eye sea bream, large eyed bream and big eye bream, is a species of emperor. As adults they often form large shoals that hang motionless...
Mole Crabs- Sea Lice-Genus Emerita

Mole Crabs – Facts and Photographs

Mole crabs of the genus Emerentia, also known as sea lice, sand fleas or sand crabs, are small crabs that are seldom seen, except perhaps when their shells are washed up on a beach. APPEARANCE Mole crabs ...

Moto Shipwreck – Bongoyo Island

Dar es Salaam has some has some fun snorkeling and free-diving day trips, one of the most popular is Bongoyo Island, to see the Moto Shipwreck. The island and wreck is easily accessed...
Kankadya patches Dar es Salaam Diving Tanzania

Kankadya Patches – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON Kankadya Patches Kankadya Patches is named after Ras Kankadya the headland that forms the southern part of Msasani bay and lies 4.2 kilometers to the east of the northern t...
magnificent sea anemone, Heteractis magnifica

Magnificent Anemone – Facts and Photographs

The magnificent sea anemone, Heteractis magnifica is also known as the Ritteri anemone. Previously they were known as Radianthus ritteri but they have now been reclassified. APPEARANCE The magnificent sea...
bluefin trevally, Caranx melampygus

Bluefin Trevally – Facts and Photographs

The bluefin trevally, Caranx melampygus is also known as the bluefin jack, blue finned crevalle, omilu, blue ulua and in South Africa as the bluefin king fish. APPEARANCE The species is easily distinguish...
scuba diving mafia island Tanzania East Africa

Kinasi Pass – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON Kinasi Pass is an entrance channel into Chole Bay, just south of Jena Island. It is best dived on an incoming tide and the currents make for an interesting ride into Chole Bay....
Mafia island Mikindini Reef scuba diving

Mikadini Reef Middle – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON Situated on the the south eastern side of Jena Island, Mikadini reef is best dived on an incoming tide which drifts one slowly over the reef. The reef is composed of a large nu...
scuba diving mafia island Tanzania east africa

Mikadini Reef Outer – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON Situated on the the south eastern side of Jena Island, Mikadini reef is best dived on an incoming tide which drifts one slowly over the reef. The reef is composed of a large nu...
scuba diving mafia island Tanzania East Africa

Dindini Caves – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON To the north of Dindini wall is an area of similar underwater topography , a shelf comes out from the coral cliffs at around eight meters and then drops off to a sandy bottom s...