Betty Breathes-Up After a “Fantastic” Dive

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Betty Nandi, aka Beata Grickevich, breathes up with dive buddy Kristof Coenen in preparation for a deep constant weight dive in Dahab’s Blue Hole. This is within a week after participating in Dahab’s RedCcup competition in which on August 29th Betty, after just completing a Latvian free-immersion national record dive to 63 meters, was disqualified due to improper surface protocol. Upon surfacing from the dive, she said “I’m fantastic” instead of “I’m okay” and immediately received a red card.

Afterward on Facebook, Betty stated, “My yesterday’s dive was deep enough for a Latvian national record, but maybe not challenging enough to keep me focused. It was the perfect dive from the beginning till the end. On my way up I was so euphoric about the easiness of it, that the first thing that came up in my mind during my surface protocol was: “Im Fantastic!”

“My first red card for the most beautiful and easiest dive! Lesson learned: Stay focused!”

Seaunseen wishes Betty the best of luck in her next competition where we’re certain she’ll take home the Latvian national record once and for all.

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