Perspectives of Crocodilefish

This video compares and contrasts two Crocodilefish (Papilloculiceps longiceps) in Chole Bay; one camouflaged on a coral reef approximately 10 meters deep and the other on a sandy, grassy patch in shallow water...

Rare Seahorses in Chole Bay

A short video of some stunning, yet humble seahorses in Chole Bay, Mafia Island. Seahorses are rarely seen and are vulnerable to extinction.

Dar Scuba Diving Highlights

Highlights from scuba diving in Dar es Salaam from from January - May 2014. A total of 51 video clips with color changing squid encounters, a snuggling puffer fish, a variety of tropical fish, diverse reefs, co...

Shipwreck Free-Diving

Highlights from free-diving at a wreck off the coast of Bongoyo Island in Dar, es Salaam, Tanzania, April 2014. Press the Play button above and watch in 1080p HD if you can. The underwater footage was shot w...

A Master of Disguise

A lovely, incognito flounder fish was spotted off in the coastal waters of Bongoyo Island in Dar es Salaam, in about eight feet deep water and within 20-30 feet from swimmers. As you can see in the video an...

A Prickly Journey

Puffer fish, with big black eyes staring, and fluttering fins, one minute a fish, the next a balloon, where shall we go...? Up close and personal with a puffer fish in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania....

Encountering the Mystery

What's interesting is not knowing where it's going to... Swimming through a school of shimmering dagaa under an old ferry boat at the Slipway. Watch in 1080 HD!...