This video compares and contrasts two Crocodilefish (Papilloculiceps longiceps) in Chole Bay; one camouflaged on a coral reef approximately 10 meters deep and the other on a sandy, grassy patch in shallow water.

Creativity is all about connecting things, so with experience in interior design and architecture, I arranged the video as per an architectural design with plan, front, side, rear and detail perspectives.  Here is a break down of the six sections in the video:

Section 1 – Zoomed out plan views
Section 2 – Plan views
Section 3 – Front views
Section 4 – Side view
Section 5 – Rear view
Section 6 – Details etc

Footage was shot by a GoPro Hero 3 while scuba diving off the coast of Mafia Island, Tanzania.

About The Author

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Living creatively through design and passionate for freediving, Renee is an underwater photographer / videographer and writer at Seaunseen, and a freediving instructor at Desert Divers in Dahab, Egypt.

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