75 Meter Dynamic Swim

Training at Funky's pool in Dar es Salaam, doing a 75 meter dynamic swim in bi-fins. For more photos and videos click he...
whitespotted boxfish

Whitespotted Boxfish

A whitespotted boxfish (Ostracion meleagris), photographed while scuba diving on a reef in Dar es Salaam. You can te...


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Canthigaster valentini

The Toby and I

I'm captured and held in place... a small, yet dazzling black saddle toby juxtaposed against a backdrop of unpolished coral. The ocean's offering at the tai...

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Cleaner Shrimp

A “Deep” Cleaning

A video of dive instructor, Brad Crawford, getting a "deep" cleaning by cleaner shrimp in Njao Gap of Pemba Island. B...

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