A Prickly Journey

Puffer fish, with big black eyes staring, and fluttering fins, one minute a fish, the next a balloon, where shall we go....

Goldtail Angelfish

A goldtail angelfish (Pomacanthus chrysurus), also known as the ear spot angelfish, photographed while scuba diving ...


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Pemba Island Airport

Arriving on Pemba

Landing on Pemba Island feels as though we’ve been catapulted backward in time. Apart from the occasional new model vehicle, it could easily be the 1960's. ...

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Rare Seahorses in Chole Bay

A short video of some stunning, yet humble seahorses in Chole Bay, Mafia Island. Seahorses are rarely seen and are vulnerable to extinction.

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Translucent Jellyfish

A translucent moon jellyfish (aurelia aurita) photographed at uShaka Marine World in Durban, South Africa. Moon jell...