blue hole freediving

Mirror Mirror in the Sea

Mirror mirror in the sea, who's that looking back at me? A freediver ponders at a mirror at the bottom of Dahab's famous Blue Hole. Photo taken on breath-hold...
Canthigaster valentini

The Toby and I

I'm captured and held in place... a small, yet dazzling black saddle toby juxtaposed against a backdrop of unpolishe...


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Moorish Idol

Submerged with a Moorish Idol

Submerged under a reef of coral with a tantalizing Moorish Idol. Now we get it, we really get why the Moors were glad to call this fish their own. The water...

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Triggerfish at Flourishing Reef

An orange-lined triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus) feeds on algae and hard coral tips at a flourishing reef off the coast of Mafia Island. Orange-lined triggerfish...