Absorbed by a Shoal

Freediver, Renee Blundon, is absorbed by a shoal of transparent longspine glasses (Ambassis productus) in Nungwi, Zanzib...

Goldtail Angelfish

A goldtail angelfish (Pomacanthus chrysurus), also known as the ear spot angelfish, photographed while scuba diving ...


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Infinitely Bound Poem & Photos

Infinitely Bound Beneath the surface, I’m encircled In sparkling specks of wonder. Filtered light, made gentle by the depths, Form sunset colors down under....

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Cleaner Shrimp

A “Deep” Cleaning

A video of dive instructor, Brad Crawford, getting a "deep" cleaning by cleaner shrimp in Njao Gap of Pemba Island. B...

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Spotted Jelly

Enjoy photos of a spotted jellyfish (Mastigias papua), photgraphed off the coast of Mafia Island. Also known as the lago...