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75 Meter Dynamic Swim - Seaunseen

Training at Funky’s pool in Dar es Salaam, doing a 75 meter dynamic swim in bi-fins.

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  1. Jo Decaesteker

    Impressive dive! I notice you take a few deep breaths before the last inhalation… Are those like “purge breaths” where you empty your lungs completely?

    • Renee

      Hey Jo, thanks for checking out the latest videos. Yep, I take three deep breaths to rid my lungs of old oxygen and also to fill it with as much fresh new oxygen as I can. Takes some practice!

      • Jo Decaesteker

        Thanks for clarifying, Renee. I can understand it takes practice not only to really fill your lungs completely, but also to empty them completely… Will work on that for sure!
        You did seem to go rather fast, especially on the last lap, you looked like you were sprinting – and doing an arm stroke near the end… Is this a personal best?

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