Fish Out of Water 1

One evening, while in search of a Fish out of water nudibranchs to photograph at the rock pools in Ballito, South Africa, this dussumiers rockskipper (Istiblennius dussumieri), crawled out of the water atop the rocks by using its fins as feet. It seemed to enjoy being photographed here and remained quite still for a full shoot. Also known as streaky rockskippers, these fish out of water in habit the intertidal zone across the Indo Pacific area and can be seen at low tide jumping several feet from one rock pool to another. They must have pretty good spatial awareness as I’ve never seen one miss a pool.


Canon 7D

Ikelite 7D Housing

Twin Ikelite DS 161 Strobes

Flat Ikelite Lens Port

Ikelite Dual Synch Cord 

Ikelite 5.1 inch Port body