A lone remora, photographed during a scuba dive at Octopus Wall in Dar es Salaam. lone Remora, sometimes called suckerfish, grow 30-90 cm long and attach to sharks, manta rays, whales, turtles, dugongs and other large fish. Some small remoras travel in the mouths or gills of large manta rays, ocean sunfish, swordfish, and sailfish. This remora is in desperate search of a host, it even tried attaching to a diver’s tank! See the full post at Scuba Dive at Octopus Wall.


Canon 7D

Ikelite 7D Housing

Twin Ikelite DS 161 Strobes

Flat Ikelite Lens Port

Ikelite Dual Synch Cord 

Ikelite 5.1 inch Port body