Bongoyo Patches – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Giant Moray Eel

 Bongoyo Patches

The Bongoyo Patches is to the east of Bongoyo Island north of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The reef extends out in patches. It is relatively flat dropping off on the edges and there are generally no strong currents. The reef has some dynamite damage in the shallower areas and the area is heavily fished, so there are few large fish. Never the less there are large numbers of corals and smaller fish with the odd barrel sponge as one goes deeper.

As its name implies , the reef is patchy and large porites corals dominate some areas with associated corals and clams around them. Many varieties of wrasses not commonly seen elsewhere, such as the Two spot wrasse can be seen at certain times of the year. Both shortspine and long spine porcupine fish can be seen, if not swimming in the open then curled up in a crevice and the black saddled toby is common. Spiny lobsters are common under the overhangs.

Longlegged spiny lobster

The occasional lionfish can also be seen either hovering along the reef or hiding in a crevice or under a small overhang. White spotted box fish , hawkfish of various types , lizard fish, leopard blennies, gold bar wrasses, six line wrasses and barred thicklip wrasses are common. Blue spotted ribbontail stingrays hiding alongside the coral are also relatively common and the occasional crocodile fish may also be seen silently waiting for prey.

Spoon Crab

One section is known as Pipefish city, this is a fairly big coral bommie which has a large number of pipefish on it, hence the name pipefish city. Because of the absence of larger fishes, this seems to allow the smaller fishes to proliferate, so if one has an eye for detail one will always see something new on each dive.

Freckled Hawkfish in its night colors






  • Access: By Boat Dive Operator(s): Seabreeze Marine
  • Difficulty: All Divers
  • Average Depth: 18 meters
  • Max Depth: 20 meters
  • Currents: Generally weak
  • Visibility: Mainly low ( 5-8)



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