Bubble Tip Anemone

bubble tip anemone

A bubble tip anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) glows ethereally in the light of the photographers strobes. The anenomes have a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae that provide them with the majority of their nutrients. The color of the anemone is dictated by the color of the zooxanthellae.

Bubble tip anemones come in a variety of colors, orange, brown, rose, red, green and very rarely red-white and green which is one of the most stunning underwater sights one can be lucky enough to see. The bulbs are not always inflated, and it is thought that the anemone only inflates when it is happy with its surroundings. These anemones host various species of clown fish and are found across the Indo-Pacific area. For more information click here

Image taken by Hannah Jane using a Sony DSC-RX100M II CameraSquid 2 in a Nauticam housing with a INON S-2000 StrobeSquid 3, a hand-mounted SOLA 2100 Video Light and a Sola P1200 red focus light.