Loftier Reads

Free-Diving Walden Pond

Free-Diving at Walden Pond

Nothing is more fantastic than free-diving in the waters of my own beautiful homeland. Floating face down on the surface of Walden Pond, in the world I forcibly left behind, instructor, Nick Fazah, from Eas...
Pemba Island Airport

Arriving on Pemba

Landing on Pemba Island feels as though we’ve been catapulted backward in time. Apart from the occasional new model vehicle, it could easily be the 1960's. Retro architecture juxtaposes the Arabic mosques a...
Sea Fan Dive

A Land Where Sea Fans Lie

As daylight breaks over sleepy Bagamoyo’s coast, tired eyes open to greet a rare and glorious day for Sea Fan Dive. A break from weeks baring burdened clouds of mournful grey, we forge through crisp, foam waves...
octopus wall

Scuba Dive at Octopus Wall

We descend from the rolling waves and scuba dive at the Octopus wall, deeper and deeper, until greeted by the ocean floor 30 meters below. Immediately, a large and curious remora approaches. He swims silent cir...