Coming-up From a 4’30” Static

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At 7:40 am in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Renee Blundon comes up from a 4’30” static apnea with oxygen depleted purple lips during the 6th Annual Apnea Academy Instructor Course. Standing alongside her coach and friend, Marc Frognet, Renee is guided through her recovery breathing, meeting the requirements for a controlled exit. This was the last requirement for her to pass the Apnea Academy instructor course.

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Professional Freediving Instructor

Marlon is an Apnea Academy and Apnea International certified professional freediving instructor that leads the WaterMaarq Freediving operation across the Australian states of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Serving freedivers, spearfishermen, surfers and marine enthusiasts, he runs courses and training in breath-hold plus offers specialized tours and high-end specialty freediving products. Feel welcome to contact him via email for more information.

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