crowned jellyfish (Cephea cephea)

Crowned Jellyfish

crowned jellyfish (Cephea cephea)

The crowned jellyfish (Cephea cephea) is also known as the crown jellyfish or cauliflower jellyfish. It is normally found in the open oceans in the indo pacific area. It gets its name from the cauliflower-looking crown on the top of the bell, which has a groove around it. The purpose of this protrusion is unknown scientifically.

crowned jellyfish (Cephea cephea)

The bell and the crown are a brilliant bluish – purplish color. On the sides of the bell is a swimming skirt that pulses providing the jelly with its propulsion.

Cephea cephea 4

The bluish – purplish bell has eight orange brown mouth arms extending from it, as well as numerous long thin round appendages, presumed to be stinging tendrils for the collection of prey. The overall diameter of the jellyfish in the images is approximately 50 centimeters (19″) wide, the length is roughly 80 centimeters (32″).

Cephea cephea 3

Swimming in the void spaces of the bell and around the jellyfish in the images are at least three species of fish. All of them swim freely through the tendrils, and seem quite at home in the jellyfish. We have only been able to identify one of the species, believed to be Banded Driftfish (Psenes arafurensis), shown in the photo directly below. Please contact us if you are able to identify any of the other fish species from the below photos.

Cephea cephea 2

Cephea cephea 1

The crowned jellyfish is eaten as a delicacy in China and Japan.



Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Scyphozoa
Order: Coronatae
Family: Cephidae
Species: Cephea cephea