Dindini Caves – Mafia Island, Tanzania

Angel fish Dindini caves mafia island tanzania dive sites


To the north of Dindini wall is an area of similar underwater topography , a shelf comes out from the coral cliffs at around eight meters and then drops off to a sandy bottom some 25 meters deep. There is a proliferation of corals , ferns and reef life on the top of the drop off and in the upper sections of the wall. Almost all the smaller reef fishes found in East Africa are present in the upper sections. Lower down whip corals, sea fans and sponges are in abundance.

Green Turtle Dindini caves mafia island tanzania dive sites

Dindini Caves

The wall in this area is riddled with underwater caves going back into the fossilized coral, some of the caves being large enough for divers to go into and explore for a few meters. Some of the caves go far back into the wall and are undoubtedly the beginning of the formation of blow holes back into the cliffs.


White barred sweetlip Dindini caves mafia island tanzania dive sites

In the back of some of the caves, turtles can be seen sleeping and one of the caves is inhabited by a large giant moray eel. One cave is strewn with turtle bones and it is not known if the turtles have been stuck in the cave or if the sea has washed the bones into the cave. Some caves go very deep into the wall and taper upwards making them too narrow for entry by a diver.

Hanging off the wall in the open water are large shoals of bream , barracuda and large Napoleon wrasse. Green turtles and  Hawksbill turtle are often seen feeding on the wall. Larger pelagic fish such as Tuna and sailfish are often sighted here as are Dolphin. Other smaller game fish such as Blue fin trevally are common.

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Access: By Boat
Dive Operator(s): Mafia Island Diving 
Difficulty: Advanced divers only
Average Depth: 20 meters
Max Depth: 26 meters
Currents: Strong ( > 2 knots)
Visibility: Okay ( 10-15)


Dindini Caves - Mafia Island, Tanzania
There are large numbers of caves in the wall , some of which can be entered by divers. Sleeping turtles are often seen in the caves and the Reef life on the wall is good with pelagic fish hanging off the wall
Reef Abundance
Reef Diversity
Fish Abundance
Fish Diversity
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Unspoiled by Man
  • Wall has numerous caves
  • Abundant with corals and marine life
  • Pelagic fish are common off the wall
  • Sometimes seasonal swells can create current
  • The swells can also make for low-visibility conditions
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