Emerging: A Freediving Exploration

See what it’s like to Emerging Freediving off the coast of remote Pemba Island, in this creative and exciting underwater film.

Renee illustrates her incredible exploration, freediving along Njou Gap’s Trigger Wall, crossing paths with various fish and critters of all shapes and sizes in Emerging Freediving. It is an internal and external journey, as she connects with her body, her breath and the magical world beneath the waves.

Designed to inspire you about the experience of free-diving; connecting with the natural world, feeling at peace and experiencing life’s magic vividly. Seaunseen invites you to explore the oceans of our planet on one breath – the most natural way possible.

This video features the song “Art Now” by Alex (featuring Snowflake), with small modifications, available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Diver: Renee Blundon
Underwater Cameraman: Alan Sutton and Renee Blundon
Post Production By: Renee Blundon
Post Production Software: PowerDirector 12