A Free-Diver in the Making


Eleven year old, Autumn Blundon, braves the 15° C  (60° F) water temperature in Winthrop, Maine to free-dive alongside her sister, Renee Blundon (photographer), in Maranacook Lake. Renee was free-diving in the lake while filming freshwater aquatic life, when Autumn decided to try free-diving herself.

A Young Free-Diver

“I gave her a set of goggles, before I set out for the center of the lake, and when I returned, there she was, swimming away like a fish!” In contrast to Renee’s 3.5 mm free-diving suite, hood, gloves fleece vest and booties, Autumn wore a mere bathing suit as well as an ear to ear smile.

Youngest Free-Diver

“I was amazed at how comfortable and natural she was in the water, and so happy! She had the biggest smile and was having a blast.” says Renee. She filmed her younger sister free-diving in the lake, using a GoPro Hero 3, then afterwards extracted screenshots from the footage.

Autumn Blundon

“It was the best day I think we’ve ever spent together. Seems like our love for the water brought us even closer as sisters.” says Renee. Renee and Autumn look forward to doing more free-diving and underwater filming together throughout the month of October, during Renee’s visit home.

Autumn Blundon