Highlights from free-diving at a wreck off the coast of Bongoyo Island in Dar, es Salaam, Tanzania, April 2014. Press the Play button above and watch in 1080p HD if you can.

The underwater footage was shot with GoPro Heros, with post production done in GoPro Studio. A big thanks to Tom Henry for helping with the shoot.

Music: “Voices of a Forgotten Past” by Joel Henry
Copyright 2014 Joel Henry Studios

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    • Eric

      Great playing with you today. Love your photography. Don’t know how you do it, you’ll need someone else with you, but u r pretty much as beautiful as what u r looking at…what I am trying to say is I think the images would be even more special if u were in them. Most people cannot free dive.

      • Renee Blundon

        Hi Eric! Thanks for checking out the site! Glad you like, will try and get myself in more pics 🙂 Underwater hockey was a blast! Looking forward to Sunday!!

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