Free-diving in Absence of Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey players in Dar es Salaam were disappointed, only initially, to have to forfeit their Sunday pool location for two months due to the IST school vacation break. However, it didn’t take long to turn a lemon into lemonade…

The players coordinated with Sea Breeze Marine, Dar’s well known scuba diving center, to arrange free-diving at a shipwreck located off the coast of Bongoyo Island. At 9:00 Sunday morning, the scuba-diving office was filled with a dozen or so excited faces, a circular free-diving buoy and carbon fins.

Upon arriving near the dive site, the wreck was proving difficult to find due to large waves and heavy winds but that didn’t deter these steadfast swimmers. The shipwreck was soon found and the free-diving began. Thanks to free-divers, Johan Sundqvist and Rob Pettit, who provided helpful tips for technique and relaxation. They also helped a great deal with the video footage. It was a fun morning with lots of fish and marine life, the video says the rest!

Although a pool location was confirmed for resuming underwater hockey play on June 29th, they look forward to planning more fabulous free-diving sessions in the very near future.