I‘m frozen, captivated by the Giant Jellies, fluctuating mercurial creature before me, which appears to be dissolving into itself. The receding layered tenticals and a silken membrain coasts, radiantly along the surface of the languid waters. Known as a Rhopilema rhopalophora jellyfish, it moves like waves, in ever-changing shapes, melting in and out of its surroundings. With the occasional geometry of a mushroom cloud and various levels of transparency it floats free, idling and pulsing. The sunlight permeates through and spills it’s sumptuous light, smooth and magnetic, with flashes of nibbling minnows trailing along behind. The slinking water lulls softly and appears alive as the seductive, white as steel the wades through it. I’m stunned by the calm elegance and charm and begin taking photos.

Enjoy this collection of Rhopilema rhopalophora jellyfish photos in various sizes. Feel free to share or download for your desktop wallpaper, just click to enlarge then right click to save.