Goldtail Angelfish

A goldtail angelfish (Pomacanthus chrysurus), also known as the ear spot angelfish, photographed while scuba diving at Jena Reef off the coast of Mafia Island. Like other angelfish, the goldtail angelfish is hermaphroditic, so there are no distinguishing characteristics to tell whether this is a male or female. Found on reefs at depths of between 1 and 25 meters in the western Indian Ocean, They are rarely seen in the aquarium industry because of their shy nature and inaccessibility of habitats.

Photo shot on 18mm with a Canon 7D and 18-55mm LenseGoldtail Angelfish 1 in an Ikelite eTTL HousingGoldtail Angelfish 2 with Ikelite Flat Port and two Ikelite DS-161 Strobes.