freediving tips

Helpful Tips for Freediving & Common Mistakes

**This video has captions, be sure to enable them in order to see the freediving Helpful Tips!

The critique of my dive in Walden Pond showing some common mistakes of beginner free-divers, along with some extremely helpful freediving tips. Extremely helpful for freediving training.

I’m training with instructor, Nick Fazah, from East Coast Divers in Walden Pond, located in Concord, Massachusetts, diving down to 20+ meters while wearing two open-cell wetsuits, a 3.5 mm topped with a 5 mm. It’s October, so the water temperature at the surface is around 16 degrees celsius (62 f), which drops to approximately 8 degrees (46 f) at 20 meters, which feels like you’re in a bucket of ice water, even with the two layers of wetsuits! See the full write-up and photos at Free-Diving at Walden Pond.

Filmed on breath hold by Julian Honma
Divers: Renee Blundon and Nick Fazah