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The longfin batfish (Platax teira), also known as the teira batfish or longfin spadefish, is found across the Indo Pacific area. Batfish are commonly found under anchored boats and around mooring chains, seemingly enjoying either having something above them or alongside them. They grow up to 50 centimeters in length and are quite curious fish. Often they come up on a diver to see who or what he is.

They do make their way into the aquarium trade as juveniles, but grow quickly, so a large tank is needed given the size they can grow to. They are omnivores and need a mixed diet. Several can be kept in a tank as they are peaceful and sociable fish and they will form a school and can become tame enough to be hand fed.


  • Longfin Batfish grow extremely fast compared to other fish and quickly reach their full size
  • They become very tame in an aquarium and can be hand fed.
  • Aquarists find them to be clever fish because they quickly learn feeding times and who feeds them.
  • In captivity they can live for up to 14 years.
  • Being very social they often form schools with a variety of other species.
  • They are omnivores and eat algae as well as invertebrates and plankton and pick on corals and anemones.
  • Reefs, floating seaweed, anchored boats are a favorite hang out spot.
  • They are unafraid of divers and will often approach them.
  • Nothing is yet known about their mating habits.
  • Juveniles are very different looking to the adult, with a very short body and long dorsal and anal fins.
  • Juveniles sometimes mimic leaves in the water.
  • When threatened juveniles can lie down sideways on the bottom to hide and possibly mimic a flatworm.
  • With their shape they are fast and agile but longfin batfish are not strong swimmers.


Species: teira

Genus:PlataxFamily: Ephippidae







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