Mikadini Reef Inner
Photos by Hannah Jane

Mikadini Reef Inner – Mafia Island, Tanzania

Scuba diving Tanzania East Africa Mafia Island


Situated on the south eastern side of Jena Island, Mikadini reef is best dived on an incoming tide which drifts one slowly over the reef. The reef is composed of a large number of coral growths of various types spread across the bottom.

Mikadini 1

Mikadini Reef

There is a significant diversity of corals and sea life. Large shoals of humpback snappers, fusiliers, surgeonfish and other species such as triggerfish are common. Large numbers of rock cod and triggerfish are seen and there is a large diversity of wrasse and butterflyfish species. Coral, both hard and soft is in abundance and clams as pictured below are in common. If one is observant octopus are common.

Scuba diving Tanzania East Africa Mafia Island Mikadini

Soldier fish, squirrel fish and pufferfish are common as are lobsters and there are several species of anthias in the area. The depth starts at roughly 18 meters and shelves upwards to the north to some 14 meters. Over all there is an abundance of reef fishes and corals that one is unlikely to see outside of a Marine Reserve. Depending on the state of the tide, the visibility ranges from fifteen plus meters. The reef is quite long and can be done in a series of drift dives.

These images cover the inner section of the reef closest to Chole Bay where there are larger areas of rubble and more soft corals compared to the outer section of the reef. Depending on the state of the tide, it is an exciting ride towards the bay especially at the end of the dive as the current picks up on entering the bay. If you enjoy drift dives then then you will enjoy this one.

Scuba diving Tanzania East Africa Mafia Island Mikadini





Access: By Boat
Dive Operator(s): Mafia Island Diving 
Difficulty: All divers
Average Depth: 18 meters
Max Depth: 24 meters
Currents: Strong ( > 2 knots)
Visibility: Okay ( 10-15)


An excellent drift dive over pristine corals with an abundance of fishes and corals. A particularly good dive for photography
Reef Abundance
Reef Diversity
Fish Abundance
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Unspoiled by Man
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Large number of reef fish
Abundant with corals and marine life
Depth makes for a fairly long dive
Strong tidal currents can drop visibility
Diving on the reef is seasonal
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