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freediving scuba diving dahab

In Pictures: No-Limits Diving with William Winram

Variable weight world record holder, William Winram, was recently in Dahab, training with Rodolfo Robatti, from Switzerland, in no-limits freediving. William was kind enough to extend an invitation my way to join him on the sled for several of his ‘warm-up’ dives. I wore a mask (in lieu of the nose clip option) as I felt more relaxed with a mask on, plus I wanted to see the arch in all its glory! However, this would mean that during the dive I’d have to use some of my air to equalize the mask, in order to avoid getting a mask squeeze.

William wore a mask as well, in order to keep an eye on me and stop the sled if I had difficulty equalizing, so sweet! We reached 53 meters, deep enough to view the incredible arch, a magnificent view to be immediately followed by an exhilarating ride back to the surface!

After our warm-up dives, William took the sled to 90 meters, the bottom of the Blue Hole! A seemingly easy dive for him, being that his world record is at 145 meters!

Rodolfo Robatti, did several no-limits dives as well, reaching a maximum depth of 78 meters! Way to go Rodolfo!

Here are photos from our no-limits diving sessions. Enjoy!

Big thanks to William Winram for inviting me to tag along, and his kind attentiveness, as well as Pim Vermeulen from Immersion Dahab for providing the sled equipment and excellent safety.