Face to face, in depths quite deep, we stare squarely into the other’s eyes,

It is there where we see everything,

where we achieve reality,

and share in it’s kind existence.

From a world full of contrasting aspects, constantly changing,

to an undersea vagabond,

napping while time hangs,

So lonely it is to think, that I can only think,

what I think even while he is thinking,

our thinking…


It has come to my attention,

not as something suddenly present,

but as something that’s been near for a long time,

which I have only just noticed…

 Seems we’ve both committed ourselves,

to this object, hung on a mere chance.

My pleasure is perplexing,

I wonder,

How did we begin to share the presence,

of this thing I have overlooked?


My sense of loss,

at the thought that I’ve sadly gone along happily overlooking something,

Who knows what,

but perhaps there are more things…

that will hold good,

a store of intellect,

a certain ethical potential,

 more that can’t get started,

without an ancient creature’s magic.


Canon 7D

Ikelite 7D Housing

Twin Ikelite DS 161 Strobes

Flat Ikelite Lens Port

Ikelite Dual Synch Cord 

Ikelite 5.1 inch Port body