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Nudi City – Mafia Island, Tanzania

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The Nudi City is a scuba dive site in the channel between Mafia Island and Chole Island.  The name nudi city is a reference to the unusually large number of nudibranchs in the area. Eight different species of nudibranchs and flatworms in one dive is a pretty good score sheet. The dive starts out from the beach in front of Mafia Island Lodge and the maximum depth is 11 meters so it is possible to do a fairly long dive.

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The dive, best dived at night is across a sandy bottom with scattered bits of hard and soft corals and isolated bits of seagrass. Various species of nocturnal fish such as lionfish, scorpionfisharabian monocle breams, cardinals, blue spotted ribbontail rays and bigeyes can be seen out hunting. Sea pens jut out the sand with their colorful stalks and tiger cowries and other mollusks can be seen creeping across the bottom. The conditions allow one to move slowly across the bottom, scrutinizing every piece of coral or algae and with the large numbers of nudibranchs and flatworms if one keeps a careful eye out it is rewarding.

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Sleeping parrotfish can be seen huddled up in some of the rocks as well as several species of sharpnose puffers curled around bits of algae or grass. Grumpy looking snake eels may also be seen with their heads sticking out of their burrows in the sand. Octopus can be spotted in the open or hiding in holes that seem impossible for them to get into.

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Access: Beach Dive
Dive Operator(s): Mafia Island Diving 
Difficulty: Advanced divers only unless a Discover scuba night dive is done.
Average Depth: 5 meters
Max Depth: 11 meters
Currents: Mild ( > 2 knots)
Visibility: Low 5-8 meters


A shallow dive ideal for those interested in macro photography
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Macro life is good
Large numbers of nudibranchs
Plenty of nocturnal fish
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visibility is fairly low
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