Spotted Hawkfish-Facts-Photographs

spotted hawkfish, Cirrhitichthys aprinus

The Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus, as with other hawkfish has a habit of sitting in strategic raised spots on the reef, with its head sticking out. From there they view their territory and pounce down on unsuspecting prey, very much as a hawk would, hence their name.

Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys aprinus


The spotted hawkfish is a white color with irregular red brown spots on the body. Tufts of cirri are found on the top of each dorsal spine. The tails are rounded and truncated, the pectoral fins are comparatively large and are without scales. They can grow up to 9 centimeters but are seldom seen this size in the ocean.

spotted hawkfish, Cirrhitichthys aprinus



With large and skinless pectorals, spotted hawkfish, are able to perch on corals which would often sting other fish. This provides them a measure of protection on their perches. They are usually always solitary and will defend their territory against others of their species. On very rare occasions two may be seen together. Males which are slightly larger than females maintain a territory surrounded by a harem of females.

Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys


Spotted Hawkfish are found across the Indo Pacific area mainly on coral reefs.

Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys aprinus



This fish is a predatory carnivore as its name suggests and its main diet consists of small fishes and crustaceans, such as shrimps and crabs.

Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys




Spotted hawkfish are easy to keep and are ideal for beginners. Note that they actively hunt crustaceans and smaller fish, so it should be the last fish introduced to a semi-aggressive to aggressive community of fish. The Spotted hawkfish is highly territorial and will harass new aquarium additions including other hawkfish as well as fish that are much larger than itself. Their diet in an aquarium should include a variety of marine meats, frozen preparations, and live feeder shrimp.


Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys



Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Cirrhitidae
Genus: Cirrhitichthys
Species: C. oxycephalus

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