Anthias, Sea Basslets or Goldies as they are also known as are a group of fish in the Anthiinae subfamily. They are closely related to rock cod and congregate in large shoals. They predominantly feed on Zooplankton. Most start their lives as females and form harems. Females change into males only when the male in the harem disappears.

Sea Goldie (Pseudanthias squamipinnis) Most species are extremely colorful and generally have a similar body shape.  In most species there is an oblique line running through the lower eye. Pseudanthias bimaculatus: The Twin- Or Two-Spot Fancy Bass Seven species of anthias occur in coral reef ecosystems: Holanthias, Luzonichthys, Nemanthias, Plectranthias, Pseudanthias, Rabaulichthys and Serranocirrhitus. Of these Pseudanthias is the most commonly known. Red-bar Anthias (Pseudanthias cooperi) is also known as the Coopers Anthias, Cooper's fairy basslet, the Red-bar fairy basslet, Red basslet, and the Silverstreak goldie