Nudi City – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON The Nudi City is a scuba dive site in the channel between Mafia Island and Chole Island.  The name nudi city is a reference to the unusually large number of nudibranchs in the ...

Powoni – Zanzibar, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON Zanzibar has great Powoni diving and is world famous for its pristine clear waters. There are numerous dive sites on the island and one of the lesser known gems of Zanzibar is ...
scuba diving mafia island Tanzania East Africa

Kinasi Pass – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON A Kinasi Pass is an entrance channel into Chole Bay, just south of Jena Island. It is best dived on an incoming tide and the currents make for an interesting ride into Chole Bay....
scuba diving mafia island Tanzania east africa

Mikadini Reef Outer – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON The Mikadini Reef situated on the the south eastern side of Jena Island, Mikadini reef is best dived on an incoming tide which drifts one slowly over the reef. The reef is comp...
Dindini Caves 9

Dindini Caves – Mafia Island, Tanzania

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN SUTTON To the north of Dindini Caves Dindini wall  a shelf comes out from the coral cliffs at around eight meters and then drops off to a sandy bottom some 25 meters deep. There is a ...

Dindini Wall – Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island has some spectacular diving, with the most popular dive sites at the southeast of the island in the protected Mafia Marine Park of Chole Bay. The park is famous for its pristine reefs...