Ovulidae are also known as False Cowries or Cowry Allies. They are predatory or parasitic marine gatropod molluscs in the same super family Cypraeodea as the true cowrys.

Their diet is mainly comprised of soft corals and sea fans. Their shells are usually white and resemble those of cowrys, but some, particularly the smaller species have elongated shells. The mantles are normally brightly coloured and cover the entire shell. Many have mantles that resemble their prey and the smaller species can be difficult to spot. Poisons from their prey are retained in the mantle providing them with protection.


Egg cowrie, (Ovula ovum)

An Egg Cowrie (Ovula ovum) one of the larger species.

Compressed Spindle Cowrie (Hiatavolva coarctata)

A Compressed Spindle Cowrie (Hiatavolva coarctata)