Seahorse on a Frogfish

Seahorse on a Frogfish

At the very end of an amazing night dive on Mafia Island in Tanzania arranged by David of Mafia Island Diving.  My dive buddy Anna Madrugo found a Frogfish and called me over. After taking a few images of t...

Cape Seahorse – Facts and Photographs

A Knysna or Cape Seahorse (Hippocampus capensis) gazes skyward in its tank at Ushaka Marine World. The future of its species far from secure. The Cape seahorse is related to the more common Indo-Pacific sea...

Seahorse Bunch

A bunch of seahorses, photographed at uShaka Marine World in South Africa. The Saber Squirrelfish is not as common as the Crowned Squirrelfish and the Tailspot Squirrelfish  in Tanzania and appear to be mor...

Rare Seahorses in Chole Bay

A short video of some stunning, yet humble seahorses in Chole Bay, Mafia Island. Seahorses are rarely seen and are vulnerable to extinction.